Bioinspired materials for tissue regeneration

Our research group is focused on developing better biomaterials using nature as our inspiration. We are interested fundamentally in learning how cells are influenced by their environment, and then applying this knowledge to design materials for biomedical applications. Our goal is to create biocompatible and functional materials that will cure human diseases.


Our laboratory engineers the biochemical and physical properties of materials in order to understand and control cell function. The primary challenge that we seek to address is modulating the host response to implanted biomaterials. Our current work is focused on elucidating the mechanisms underlying immune cell plasticity, since these cells play a major role in determining whether the body attacks or accepts an implanted foreign material. A better understanding of the complex interactions involved in this process requires an interdisciplinary approach combining engineering tools with biological techniques. To this end, we utilize micro- and nano-fabrication tools, protein engineering, high throughput screening approaches, and bio-conjugation techniques to create novel materials that mimic features of the physiological cellular microenvironment. We believe that the appropriate modulation of the immune system can encourage tissue regeneration and wound healing, and will benefit a number of biomedical applications. Our long-term goal is to control the host response to implanted biomaterials, and thus achieve integrated function of medical devices and tissue engineered constructs. - Professor Wendy Liu, UC Irvine

Liu Lab, August 2014

Lab News & Events

Welcome, Vijay!

The Liu Lab extends a warm welcome to our new postdoc, Dr. Vijay Meli.

Congratulations, Frances!

The Liu Lab congratulates Dr. Frances McWhorter, Ph.D., on her new title! We wish her the best at her new position at FDA.

Changing of the Jessicas

The Liu Lab joins Barack Obama in offering congratulations to Jessica Schlosser for earning her MS degree, and welcomes PhD student and CARE fellowship recipient Jessica Hsieh to the lab!

Thuy Luu wins CIRM Stem Cell Training Grant

Congratulations to Thuy for receiving a CIRM-funded Stem Cell Training Grant fellowship!